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Join us as we Carry on the Legacy of Our Friend Joe “Pigskin” Pete!

It’s the 4th Annual

Joe “Pigskin” Pete Alumni Basketball Tournament

Benefiting the Joe “Pigskin” Pete Scholarship Fund

Friday, March 10th at The Spire Institute Basketball Courts

5201 Spire Circle in Geneva

Games Start at 5pm with Teams of Alumni from our 8 Ashtabula County High Schools battling in out in 2 Divisions, All-Star (18-29 Year Old) & Hall of Fame (30+).  $5 Donation gets you in to see all the action, with proceeds benefiting our Local Student Athletes through the Joe “Pigskin” Pete Scholarship Fund!

Tournament Brackets (Teams will be seeded based on Alma Maters’ Final Regular Season Record, Game Times & Rosters will be announced at a Later Date)

Hall of Fame Division (30+)


Matt Malone-Captain

Jody Bowser

Mark Brace

Tim Brown

Ron Carimi

George Csepegi

Matt Mauer

Matt Miller

Ben Paxton

Sonny Schaef

Chris Spade


Steve Kray-Captain

Scott Runyan

Ryan Lencl

Steve Hill

Lou Wisnyai

Don Palm

Riley Kriesher

Adam Schumann

Jason Read


 Andy Juhola-Captain

Tim Tallbacka

Keith McGaha

Jamie Presciano

Jemal Harris

Tim Moroski

Ray Harris, Jr.

Dana Schulte

Theron Osborne

Grand Valley

Justin Turk-Captain


Jason Tharp-Captain

St. John

Jim Chiacchiero-Captain

Augie Pugliese

Dave Golen

Rick George

Devin Yates

Curtis Turner

Pat Bourdeau

Greg McCullough


John Rodger-Captain

Pymatuning Valley

Steve French-Captain


All-Star Division (18-29 year olds)


Jamie Altier-Captain


Tom Dunham-Captain


TJ Bowler-Captain

Grand Valley

Zach Sirine-Captain


Cody Thompson-Captain

St. John

Alex Izzi-CAPTAIN-Class of 2008

Keith Berrier-Class of 2008

Joe Massucci-Class of 2008

Kevin Punkar-Class of 2008

Jason Blank-Class of 2008

Alex Iarocci-Class of 2010

Ralphie Pugliese-Class of 2012

Zak Taylor-Class of 2016

Ron Chambers-Class or 2015


Thomas Bevins

Justin Butler

Andrew Burnett

DJ Caskey

Sam Caskey

Tony Chiacchiero

Connor Cleveland

Lucas Hitchcock

Steve Houser

James Jackson

Pymatuning Valley

Ryan Shontz-Captain



-Teams will be seeded based on the Final Regular Season Records of their Alma Mater’s Boy’s Varsity Basketball Team


-2-15 Minute Halves w/ 60 Second Halftime


-Clock will continue to run except in the follow cases:

-Team Time Out (Each team will get 1-30 second Time Out in the 2nd Half only)

-Foul Committed in the final 10 seconds of the First Half

-Foul Committed in the final 30 seconds of the 2nd Half


-Clock will continue to run if the score differential exceeds 10 points.


-All Fouls will be Floor Fouls unless in the act of Shooting, then 2 Free Throws will be Awarded.


-Floor Fouls in the final 30 seconds of the 2nd half will result in a One & One Free Throw Attempt.


-A Player will be eliminated from the game if they commit 5 fouls.


-All Officials are volunteering their time.  As a result, No Profanity, Vulgarity, or Overly Aggressive Play will be tolerated. Game Officials and Tournament Director reserves the right to eliminate you from the competition, and remove you from the premises.